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Independent Artist: $365.00 CAD

OnLine Training starts November 21, 2015 > step by step ways to improve your art business. Register now and use online tools to help your art business grow.

Independent Artist: Advertise and Market your art
Create your own Web Profile Site

This online profile is uniquely designed to increase exposure and visibility to thousands of art buyers and collectors. This online profile increases visibility to your website  and gives you unlimited access to promote up and coming events, sales, festivals, and openings. Also included are business tips, organization maps, and goal guides. No commission...all sales are 100% the artist's revenue.

NOTE: The "Independent Artists" are not represented by Norman Felix and act independently. Norman Felix is not responsible for any business that takes place through the usage of  the "Independent Artists" area of this website.

Price includes tax. For a total of $365.00 CAD per year

Affiliate/Directory - $75.00

Promotional Tool for Business and Entrepreneurial Exposure

Our Affiliate Directory is designed to generate exposure, awareness and traffic physically and online. Affiliates can advertise in our directory listing and utilize unlimited posts to our events pages.  As an affiliate, you can post any up and coming promotions, events, specials, and sales. Take advantage of our high traffic website.

Price includes tax. For just $75.00 CAD per year.

Collectors: Free (limited time)

Collector: For Art Lovers, Buyers, Curators, Educators  and Collectors

Our Collector’s Membership is designed to help independent, corporate, and gallery collectors easily find and purchase the art they are looking for.  We give you access to our online art database, and based upon your own personal profile we connect you with artwork and artists selected specifically to match your individual preferences  A Collector’s Membership gives you direct access to every detail about our artwork and artists, and keeps you updated with your favourite artists, their upcoming shows, and their latest creations. It also grants you VIP status at all Norman Felix events. Our Collector Membership is engineered to create an effective, effortless, and enjoyable art-browsing experience for all art lovers and collectors by delivering personalized artwork directly to your fingertips.

All proceeds from our memberships go directly towards advancing careers and educating Emerging Canadian Artists.